About S.H.E.

I'm S.H.E. (Soul Healing Energy) was created by Shanique Worthey, Ed.D., a wife, mother, teacher, Reiki master, master manifestor, and soul reader! Her vision of I'm S.H.E. came about after years of soul searching within and falling in love with her inner peace! While on her soul healing journey, she learned that healing others is a part of her process too! Everything started aligning for her. She saw signs that this was her life’s purpose everywhere she went. When the name I’m S.H.E. came to her in a dream, as a master manifestor, she put all of her soul and energy into making her dream become a reality so that she could introduce her gifts to the world! She uses her innate intuition, energy from the Universe, and guidance from her ancestors to conduct soul guidance readings, perform reiki healing sessions, and create products with 100% natural ingredients set with the intention to heal your mind, body, and soul! It is her hope that as you use her soul healing products, participate in a reading, and/or reiki session, that you will fall in love with your own inner peace and either start or continue your soul healing journey! It is no coincidence that you have found her page. Don’t wait, browse through her products and services to embark upon your own process! Peace, love and light!