Ever Living Herbs

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Ever Living Herbs

I'm S.H.E. is now offering several products from Ever Living Herbs:

Natural Herbal Tonic & Detox Capsules
Total Body Detoxifier (from Root to Crown)
- Anti-viral properties
- Anti-bacterial properties
- Anti-fungal properties
- Anti-inflammatory joint pain relief
- Relieves congestion, cough, & mucus
- Cleanse your internal water, we are over 70 % water
- Cleanse the blood, colon, & kidneys
- Reduces menstrual cramps, bloating & water retention
- Relieves constipation & sour stomach
- Promotes prostate health
- Increase energy, stamina & weight loss
- Flushes poison & parasites from the body naturally

Moringa Leaf Capsules
Moringa is loaded with nutrients and is known as the miracle tree in parts of the world because of its nutritional value, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Moringa is a natural blood detoxifier. It aids in the removal of impurities from the body while purifying your body's natural water. Moringa is a nutrition booster offering high energy, improved mental clarity, reduced appetite, and increased milk flow when breastfeeding. It contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants making it a rich source of potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron, therefore increasing the body's natural defenses.

  • E.L.H. Moringa Leaf 110 Capsules
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  • E.L.H. Neem Hair & Body Wash
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  • E.L.H.- Natural Herbal Detox 110 Capsules
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  • E.L.H. w/ Natural Herbal Detox 16oz.
    11 available 55%
  • E.L.H. African Shea Butter (1 lb)
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  • E.L.H. African Black Soap (1 lb)
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  • E.L.H. Healing Butter (4 oz)
    5 available 100%
  • E.L.H. Maasai Multi-Color Beaded Necklace
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  • E.L.H. Maasai Red Beaded Necklace
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  • E.L.H. Maasai Multi-Color Chokers
    1 available 100%
  • E.L.H. Queen Cowrie Shell Necklace
    1 available 100%
  • E.L.H. Princess Cowrie Shell Necklace
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