I'm S.H.E.'s Reiki Healing Sessions

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I'm S.H.E.'s Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is a healing technique with the intent to manipulate the flow of energy through your body to restore mental and physical well-being. As a Reiki master teacher, it can be performed face to face or through distance. During each session, your 7 chakras will be aligned through channeling energy from the universe. The energy will uncoil from your crown chakra to your root chakra and will go wherever your body needs to heal itself. You may opt to use healing crystals at an additional price.

*After you submit payment, please go to our Client Forms tab and complete I'm S.H.E.'s Reiki Healing Confidential Client Case History, Intake, and Consent Form.
*If a VIRTUAL session is selected a link will be sent via email to join after payment is received and you have scheduled a time using the link below.
*Prices are set for virtual and face-to-face in an individual or group setting.
*Face to Face Group sessions will only be held with people you know at this time. *Please select CUSTOMER PICK UP in the shipping section at checkout, because these items do not require shipping. (IF NOT, SHIPPING COSTS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE REFUNDED)
* When selecting a Group Rate please ensure that all tickets are purchased at the same time to ensure they are scheduled together. Tickets purchased separately run the risk of not being scheduled at the same time and being charged the individual price.
*Please use this link to schedule your service: https://www.supersaas.com/schedule/ImSHE/Reiki_and_Readings