I'm S.H.E.'s Soul Guidance Readings

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I'm S.H.E.'s Soul Guidance Readings


I’m S.H.E. uses her innate intuition and guidance from her ancestors to conduct your personalized soul guidance reading. Guidance readings do not predict the future, but rather provide guidance and clarity on how to approach a situation to achieve an optimum outcome for your greatest good. These readings are personal guidance specific to the person requesting the service. You let the cards provide you with general guidance so you can reflect on the message and let it resonate with you. You can also ask questions of me afterwards.
Guidance Readings- 3 Card $25.00
Guidance Readings- 5 Card $40.00
Guidance Readings- 7 Card $55.00

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  • VIRTUAL 3 Card
    9996 available 100%
  • VIRTUAL 5 Card
    9992 available 100%
  • VIRTUAL 7 Card
    9986 available 100%