I'm S.H.E.'s Soul Healing Energy Kits

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I'm S.H.E.'s Soul Healing Energy Kits

The Soul Healing Energy Kit consists of our favorite products combined in one place to enhance your self-healing power! It's your go to when you need to get rid of the unwanted negative energy that you may encounter from day to day! Whether it is self-inflicted or brought on by someone else's negative energy! Each kit contains what you need to release, relax, cleanse, and repeat!

  • I’m S.H.E.’s Soul Healing Energy Kit (Includes All 5 Products Displayed in Picture)
    10 available 100%
  • I’m S.H.E.’s 100% Natural Homebrewed Florida Water- 3.5 fl. oz.
    9 available 90%
  • I’m S.H.E.’s 7 Chakra Crystals and 1 Selenite Cleansing Stick
    5 available 100%
  • I’m S.H.E.’s Spiritual Healing Bath Salt- (8 oz)
    15 available 100%
  • Selenite Cleansing Blocks (Round or Square)
    15 available 100%
  • White Sage Cleansing Stick (4 in)
    7 available 88%
  • Palo Santo
    13 available 87%
  • BOGO 50% I'm S.H.E.'s Soul Healing Energy Kits (2 Kits) SALE DAYS ONLY
    5 available 100%
  • Abundantly Blessed, Protected, & Loved Sachet
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