The Essential Indulgence

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The Essential Indulgence

*Elderberry Syrup Mix
Our Elderberry Syrup Mix is handcrafted with Elderberry, Mullein, Echinacea, Ginseng & Sea Moss.
Makes two 16oz. Bottles

*Body Butters are handcrafted from 5 different nut butters and triple whipped to perfection!

* Yoni Steam
We only use Non-GMO, Organic herbs. Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary, Rose Petals, Basil, Oregano.
~Simply brew herbs
~Add to non-toxic basin
~Drape lower body with a towel to contain steam
~Straddle basin in child pose
~Relax• Relate•Release (for at least 15 minutes)•Repeat in 30 days

*That Beard Though ~ Beard Oil 2oz.
Our amazing, one of a kind, hand-crafted beard oil has arrived! It contains a mixture of beautiful beneficial oils featuring Jojoba oil, sweet almond, and vitamin E, blended with nourishing essential oils! Viola!!! a softer, conditioned beard that smells fantastic!

*Bergamot Natural Deodarant
Our natural deodorant is crafted from 3 nut butters and essential oils. Strong enough for active adults and gentle enough for budding youth. Nourishing and effective!